Applicant tracking for marketing companies, staffing companies, small businesses and growing enterprises.

A robust applicant tracking solution that meets your budget and recruiting needs.

Resume Parsing

Supported jobsites 11 supported job sites and growing. Careerbuilder, Monster, Hotjobs, Indeed, LinkedIn and much more.
Two powerful parsers in a two stepped process to ensure your applicant data is parsed correctly.
Attachment resumes from emails.
Upload documents to applicant profiles.
Apply online forms for your own web page and any job site you'd like.
Duplicate checking process is a two staged process to ensure all duplicates are found and kept for your work flow.


Applicant search on name, number, email and more. Partial searches, like searches and exact searches. Search by interview, job site, job opening and more.
Streamlined or customizable workflow to meet your workflow needs.
Applicant tracking done right. Applicant entry, tools, workflow and reporting metrics built right in and automatic.
Archive applicant data automatically but available for search and access.


Calendaring built right in and available for view in the places where it matters.
Schedule applicants for interviews or add events to help your team recruit efficiently.

Applicant Communication

Email Templates are an efficient way to send a template to an applicant and the system fills in the name, date and time of interview and much much more.
Send a single email, email from template or send a builk email to a group of applicants all at once.
SMS integration allows you to have a working phone number to receive and send text messages to your applicants right within the application.
SMS templates allow you to send an applicant an sms and the system automatically fills in their name, interview date and time and much much more.
Direct to voice allows you to send a prerecoreded message to an applicant's mobile phone's voicemail without ringing the phone.


Track your team's and your job opening's performance with reporting by
  • User
  • Interviewer
  • Posting/Opening
  • Job Site
  • Daily overview
  • Much more

Live snap shot reporting allows you to see a snap shot of what may different metrics that has occured in the system. From applicant entry performance, user performance, interview and events as well as interviews and events for up coming dates and much more.

Nightly snap shot email is an email sent to the team that contains a snap shot of the day's performance.

More features are available than listed here. and start using Careerlister today!

Different plans for anyone or team.

Choose the pricing and plan that fits your recruiting needs.


$ 35 / month
5 recruiters / users
Unlimited applicants
Unlimited Interviews
25 job openings
200 plain text emails / day
Basic reporting
1 Location
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a card to signup?

No. You can pay us with a check or credit card or your PayPal account. We use PayPal as our payment processor if you have a credit card. Request a PayPal link at the time we invoice.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes. No contract of any kind. Sorry to see you go but if you no longer need Careerlister then don't pay the next invoice and the service will stop for your account automatically.