TMG Concepts, Inc.

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T.M.G. Concepts

T: Tenacity
M: Motivation
G: Growth

T.M.G. Concepts wants our teams to have all 3 characters in this company.

T.M.G. Concepts will provide training for entry levels to move up to leadership and management teams. T.M.G. Concepts has experiences in sales, marketing and consulting in Los Angeles, North Jersey, and Manhattan areas.

We are an outsourced sales, marketing, and consulting company representing Fortune 500 companies to their small business clients. We are specializing in 3 fields:
1) New Accounts Acquisition and Old Accounts Retention for Fortune 500 Companies
2) Advanced Leadership and Communication Training
3) Coaching and Development to Management Team

We are an energetic,and ambitious company with lots of sharp entrepreneurs who want to accomplish big things. We WILL expand nationwide and globally aggressively in the near future. We are looking for ambitious, hungry for growth and hard working leaders to build the empire. 

We will also focus on giving back to society and charity work.

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